Rootsy Hip: A Benefit for Seth Maness

Played Spring 208

ROOTSY HIP is a resonant documentary which charts the boundaries between the idyllic dreams and the harsh realities of an eccentric collection of white rappers in Mobile, Alabama, and Memphis, Tennessee. Hindered by financial obligation, family pressure, social scorn and even domestic eviction, these resilient artists cling to the benevolent virtues of hip-hop as a bond and a moral code which enables them to not only endure, but to spiritually thrive in the face of adversity. —Phil Maher

About Seth Maness

Seth Maness“If you have ever been to an event downtown, you probably know Seth Maness, the Third Eye, as we like to call him, who has been manager of Soul Kitchen for the past 6 years and employee for the past 10 years, worked at Suwannee Hulaween from the start and Bear Creek. He has worked in every venue downtown including Alabama Music Box and The Merry Widow and has been promoting his own shows for the past 15 years. Seth has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of appendix cancer which is very rare, only 600-1000 cases in the US a year.”The Merry Widow


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