Father Jerzy Popiełuszko: Messenger of the Truth

Sunday, Sept 15th at 4pm, $5 admission

An ordinary priest, Fr. Jerzy did not seek out the limelight; he merely wished to do his job, which meant ministering to workers in Warsaw. Repressed, deprived, and micromanaged by the one-party state that also owned all their factories and mines, these workers decided to sidestep their Communist puppet representatives and organize an independent union, and Fr. Jerzy committed to help them. He began with small-scale acts of defiance – transmitting messages after martial law was imposed, giving sermons at workers’ Masses – but his witness proved so contagious that Fr. Jerzy became the spokesman for a national freedom movement that shook an empire to its foundations. So the empire sent its stooges, who beat him to death and dumped him in a river. They thought they were done with him; subhumanists don’t believe we have a soul, and so they underestimate what life and death can mean. “A single death is a tragedy,” Stalin once joked. “A million deaths is a statistic.”

But what happens when one death transforms the lives of millions? That skews the statistical curve, and confuses the experts in “social physics”; it baffles the bureaucrats and dumbfounds the secret police, who come to see that you can shoot or imprison as many people as you wish, but the truth is bulletproof. Indeed, some truths are written on our hearts, and as long as human hearts beat, these truths will flow in our veins.


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